Internal values ​​of the company

INDEX-CAPITAL is authorized and regulated by fsma as a manager of alternative investment funds.

Since its launch, INDEX-CAPITAL has since evolved into a diversified alternative investment management company with the skills and expertise needed to advise clients and develop and manage the resulting funds. 

INDEX-CAPITAL has established relationships with major financial institutions around the world, creating funds in several jurisdictions.

INDEX-CAPITAL is dedicated to helping the settlement industry of life adopt recognizable standards to promote transparency, a code of practice and self-regulation. 

About us 

INDEX-CAPITAL was created in 2012 and over the past 7 years, we have built a reputation as a company based on the knowledge and skills of our teams of specialists, as well as sound judgment and professional standards. 

INDEX-CAPITAL has become the recognized leader in the valuation market. 

Our expertise in insurance investment funds has enabled the development and launch of many investment products based on life insurance policies domiciled in the United Kingdom in Europe and the United States.

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