Asset Service

offers a full range of 360 services from stand-alone policy acquisition to asset valuation to complete fund structuring and management.

For total flexibility, we can offer each of our service components independently or with other elements. 


For clients with their own portfolios, we can offer a comprehensive policy management service. 

For customers with a broader service mission, including the acquisition of assets until a return on investment,

we can offer our expertise in actuarial science, fund creation and management.

Customized IT capabilities

Supporting our maintenance capabilities, our computer system has been specifically designed to manage the strategies. 


With the controls developed in a workflow system, we ensure that INDEX-CAPITAL can provide a comprehensive service that ensures that the strategies are properly administered in accordance with the requirements of strategy owners.

The efficiency of the treatment allows us to provide a complete service at a competitive price. 

Our IT capability and team knowledge, combined with INDEX-CAPITAL's robust and highly-controlled policy service, all contribute to an impressive service proposition.

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