Value creation in the life settlement investment

Investors' key performance factor is to accurately assess the distribution of mortality events for each life insured and thus achieve the "fair" price for each policy. 

The same analysis is necessary for the subsequent evaluation of policies to ensure that the valuation of the portfolio is fair and consistent for all investors and that the price at which they invest or redeem units or shares is fair.

The use of actuarially robust policy pricing and portfolio valuation methods is essential both to generate attractive investment performance through appropriate purchase price policies and to ensure equity. between investors. 

INDEX-CAPITAL's internal actuarial team provides dedicated and specialized expertise to this essential element of the performance of investments in secondary assets. 

This expertise and understanding of the importance of a robust valuation methodology reinforces INDEX-CAPITAL's position as a leader in secondary life asset management.

With an annual market estimated at 4 billion euros, INDEX-CAPITAL  is an interesting opportunity for investors looking for more stable returns than those often seen in other more well-known asset classes.

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