A distinct investment approach, focused on generating positive returns, regardless of the performance of the financial markets

At INDEX-CAPITAL, our two investment objectives are

  • do not lose money in a rolling 12-month period

  • grow funds at a higher rate than would be obtained by depositing them in cash.


To do this, we conduct our own research, actively manage the investments and operate freely, without the restrictions arising from the following criteria.

We invest primarily in conventional assets as part of a conservative investment approach that has proven successful.

A good report

Since our inception in 2012, we have broadly achieved our objectives, protecting our customers from market downturns and generating returns well above cash.

In the future, if we can continue to achieve our medium-term goals, we will increase the real value of our clients' assets. 

In addition, our returns are expected to result in lower volatility and risk compared to an investment strategy that is primarily invested in equities.

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