A leading investment company in the private equity sector exclusively

INDEX-CAPITAL is a specialized investment manager working globally with intermediaries, professional investors and institutional investors to provide a range of low correlation asset management services

Perfect mastery

Specialist in our field, our goal is to offer investors access to alternative assets offering stable returns, resistant to market volatility to protect the value of capital. 

Asset Service 

INDEX-CAPITAL offers a complete range of 360 services ranging from the autonomous acquisition of policies to the valuation of assets, through the complete structuring and management of funds

Our team

Our experienced management team is assisted by financial and technical specialists.

Fundamental values

We apply best corporate governance practices to all our activities.

Our objective

Our goal is to generate positive returns, regardless of the performance of the financial markets.

A distinct investment approach, focused on generating positive returns, regardless of the performance of the financial markets

Wallet Service

Our wallet services cover the acquisition and servicing of standalone policies, including asset valuation, structuring and comprehensive fund management.

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